Ust-Donetsk port adheres to the highest environmental protection standards when handling sulfur. State environmental expert reviews of the impact of sulfur on the environment of the region are performed on the regular basis.

    The state expert review "Biological testing and indication of the impact of technical gas sulfur (both granulated and lump) handled in Ust-Donetsk port on hydrocoles (plankton, benthos, fish)" was performed. According to the results of the review, it was concluded that complex indication had not found any negative influence of sulfur handled in UDP on the biota of adjacent water bodies.

    The obtained test data confirm that industrial activity of Ust-Donetsk port does not influence the number and species diversity of ichthyocenoses in water bodies in direct contact with the harbor waters.

    Every month the company tests samples of water, soil, bottom sediment and air for conformity to standards of maximum permissible concentration (MPC). All studies are conducted by the Center for laboratory analysis and technical measurements of the Rostov region.

    The values are up to the MPC standards:

    • Samples of water from 7 points of the river
    • Samples of bottom sediments from 7 points
    • Samples of air from 3 points
    • Samples of ground from 2 points


    The entire operation of the port is regulated by the process charts of the enterprise. Formation of dust is possible during transshipment of lump sulfur, so the process areas are sprinkled. A special protective sheet is stretched between the board of the ship and the berth to prevent spilling the cargo into the harbor waters.

    All workers of the sulfur transshipment areas wear special protective suits, footwear, and gloves eliminating the exposure of human skin to sulfur. They also wear special safety glasses and respirators to protect the mucous membranes from sulfur. Moreover, there is a medical station at the port and all employees undergo medical examination annually.


    Ust-Donetsk port is reconstructing its storm sewage system and creating an integrated cycle action system intended for collection of sewage waters, filtering and treatment of them, and supplying of the water for sprinkling of sulfur in cargo areas. Over 25 mln rubles are going to be allocated by the port for the purpose.


    Booklet "About sulfur"


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