• 5,5 billion rubles of investments
    • 1000 jobs

    The project implies creating a united concept of industrial and logistic park, 150 ha total area, which is integrated into port activity. Developing the production area in the close proximity of the port allows using the transshipped cargoes as raw materials.

    Locating the process units on the premises of the existing port allows using the cargo transshipment and transportation capacities available.

    Well-developed transport and
    engineering infrastructure:

    - power supply
    - gas supply
    - water supply
    - heating
    - hot water supply
    - sewage system
    - compressed air and oxygen.
    Favorable geographical location
    With its location in the region, Ust-Donetsk port is the only transport hub combining access waterways, motor transport and railway tracks.


    • Evraz
    • Feldspar production plant
    • Coal and crushed stone transshipment terminal
    • Pellets production plant
    • Ust-Donetsk port
    • Ust-Donetsk ship-repairing yard

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Усть-Донецкий порт

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