• Stevedoring operations, including loading cargoes to ships from the railway cars and motor vehicles and vice versa.
    • Open-air and covered warehouse storage of cargoes.
    • Packing of cargoes into 1 to 15 ton big bags.
    • Mooring, towing, other services.
    • Integrated servicing of fleet:
      • pumping bilge and feces water,
      • supplying fresh water,
      • provision of shore power
      • repair operations.

    The port is licensed for transshipment of dangerous cargoes and for stationary customs control zone, which allows handling all types of cargoes, export and import ones included, as well as forwarding the cargoes.

    Handling of cargoes in the port is growing annually. The main cargo transshipped is sulfur. In 2012, 1 mln tons of sulfur was transshipped by the port.


Усть-Донецкий порт

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